Welcome to studio PLAYA

-A place to find space in your heart-

studio PLAYA is a small studio located in Asakusabashi, Tokyo. We offer sound bath events, yoga lessons, and various workshops using crystal singing bowls, a healing instrument made from crystals.


Crystal singing bowl

crystal singing bowls are healing instruments made from crystal. The beautiful sound full of rich overtones continues to resonate, making it a healing tone.


Sound bath

Sound Bath is to lie down and bathe in sound with your whole body as if you were taking a bath (bath). It is a new approach to mindfulness!


To peace and awareness

As you slowly listen to the sounds, your consciousness is naturally guided into a deep meditative state. Experience a pleasant sense of peace and awareness.

studio PLAYA


studio PLAYA is a unique studio run by crystal singing bowl player Magali Luhan that focuses on the sound bath experience.

In the past, most Sound Bath events have been held in yoga studios, but yoga studios are places for yoga, which are sometimes not the best places for a Sound Bath, where you surrender your body and mind to the sounds.

In studio PLAYA, we have a futon mat for comfortable lounging, finely controlled lighting, aroma, a projector for video projection, and other special equipment.


Here is a view of the studio and past events.Feel free to follow us on Instagram as well!


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